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Saddleback is a breed of pig.

The Saddleback has the striking color marking of a white belt on a black body. However, the coloring of the modern day Saddleback still varies widely as it apparently has through the entire existence of the breed. Unfortunately, the belt is a marking of low heritability. Littermate markings may range from a very wide white belt that covers almost the entire body to the opposite extreme where there is little white. The ears of the breed are drooped.

The breed has seen some commercial use where hybrid vigor is sought. Their popularity seems to be in excess of the numbers that are registered. So, as with many other breeds, unregistered grade stock is often used in cross breeding. The increasing usage of the breed in crossing parallels the reputation of the Hampshire in America for crossbreeding and for rotational breeding programs. The similarity of the Saddleback and Hampshire in so many ways does indicate the former must have given more to the latter than a striking color pattern[2].