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Tamworth is a breed of pig.

The Tamworth is an English breed of hog that was of distinctly bacon-type. The exact origin of this old English breed is not definitely known.

The Tamworth is a rugged, thrifty, very active breed of swine that is favored by many persons who are interested in raising a lean-type hog. The sows, like those of the Yorkshire breed, are excellent mothers and do a good job of suckling their litters. The Tamworth is an extremely high-quality breed and is the most active breed of swine that we have in America. People who particularly want hogs that will rustle behind cattle or harvest or salvage crops sometimes prefer Tamworths. The Tamworth has the reputation of producing the best bacon of any of our breeds and is uniform in type. It is one of the most prepotent of the breeds in fixing its type of offspring[2].