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The Turopolje is a breed of pig.

The Turopolje pig is without doubt the oldest in Croatia and can therefore be considered one of the oldest in Europe. It came into being in the Turopolje region which is situated between the Kupa and Sava rivers east of Zagreb. Pig rearing in the Turopolje region certainly goes back to the pre-historical period and is a factor in the process of domestication. It has been shown that the Ljubljana wild boar lived along the higher reaches of the Sava river and that the inhabitants of these regions domesticated it. The domesticated animal was the "peatland pig" reared by the inhabitants of the upper reaches of the Sava river who lived in houses on stilts. From this domestic breed was developed the ideal production form, the Krskopoljski pig. During the pre-historical period and antiquity the Krskopoljski pig spread to the Turopolje region. We know that the Croats reared pigs in their original homeland (beyond the Carpathian mountains) and that they brought them with them when they arrived in their new homeland. This breed is believed to be the Siska breed which subsequently spread throughout the entire Balkan peninsula.